12 Days to go!!

Days to go: 12

So, only twelve days left from now.

Many people asked me: why Nepal? What a difficult question indeed! :P
The fact is that when Kuma and I gave Italy up because it would cost us too much,
we couldn't figure our travel destination so we both looked at the world map and,
accidentally we had the same thought that we wanna visit NEPAL when we spotted this five letters.

At first we found it as a joke because we have never imagine to go to such a place,
without even knowing its location, capital name, and what is it famous for.
But then when time passed by and when more and more researches were done,
we learnt that it is actually an amazing country with wonders and adventures,
with beauty of nature and truth of humanity. Eight out of ten's world highest mountain are situated in Nepal, including the hikers' common dream - Mount Everest.
She also has a huge National Park (which is bigger than the entire Hong Kong)
that save hundreds of endangered rhino and other kinds of animals.

Nepal is a poor country, with diseases and poverty,
but I always saw from books, or heard from travelers that how the people there work hard live hard and, how they treated the toursits in a friendly way.
People there always smile so truly that touch your heart so deep and make you introspect about your-own-self. I want to visit there, so bad, because I was borne in a civilized country with so many protections and love. For the first time I would like to give myself a little try - to explore the lives in a non-civilized country. To make true contact, to feel, to remember and to think.

Kuma and I planned to bring some sweets, stationaries and dolls to the kids there
so that we can share the resources from the same earth.
We still have a lot of plans and preparations, like we will try our best to bring plastic rubbish back (e.g. water bottles) as we knew that there is no way for this country to recycle plastic rubbish and it's our responsibilities to protect such a beautiful environment.

Be a responsible traveler is the biggest point I've learnt when I planned this trip so far :)

Looking forward...


P.S. The funniest thing is that the travel cost turned out to be really high that we can actually visit Italy. :P 


  1. Angel8.2.09

    Hi Yan, I am planning to go to Nepal on mid of Feb.  May I ask what kind of vaccine do I need?  angel tse

  2. 小恩爆米花8.2.09

    如果夏天去, 就要打霍亂"利"疾果d, 因為果到夏天比較多病, 蚊患 其實我睇d書都話冬天去唔駛打針. 醫生都同我講唔駛架, 不過如果驚食錯野, 就可以打甲型肝炎 我當時都係打左依種. 但係其實我男朋友咩浸都冇打呢..haha. 佢都好健康呀:)

  3. Angel1.3.09

    Tks for your reply.  I didn't have any vaccine....my trip to Pohkara was great!!!!